By Awa Touray

A hundred and twenty-five- years old Handwritten Quran, was handed over to the National Centre for Arts and Culture on Friday April 5th 2019.

This handwritten Quran which was written by the late Ousman Mariam Demba Cham of Dobson Street, was preserved by his family up to date.

Hassoum Ceesay, the Director General of the National Center for Arts and Culture (NCAC), said the family of the late Ousman Demba Cham, felt that it was not enough to preserve the written Quran but to also to make a copy which will be displayed in the museum for the whole world to access; that this handwritten version of the Quran is very authentic; that it has been subjected to review in 1894 and was signed by so many people at the back of the book, to ascertain that it is indeed a true copy of the Holy Quran.

Ceesay said the handwritten Quran is very significant for the NCAC, because it will add to the attraction of the museum. He added that School Children, Researchers, Tourists and many other people who will visit the museum, will learn about the handwritten version of the Quran.

He concluded that the handwritten Quran will show the whole world that Islam has a strong foundation in this part of West Africa, and will show that Islamic history has it’s literacy.

Ebrima Jammeh, Destination Manager at the NCAC, said history is an important discipline, adding that it is as old as human civilization if not older.

“We are in the process of making history for the fact that history has already been made,” he said; pointing out that the presentation of the handwritten Quran to their institution, will add up greatly to their collections and contribute to the development of the country.

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