By Lamin Cham

Tragedy struck a family in Banjul yesterday when the bodies of two young children believed to be from one family, were discovered in a broken abandoned car.
According to police PRO ASP Lamin Njie, the bodies were retrieved from the car late yesterday afternoon. “We are still investigating the matter. I do remember we had reports of two missing children in the city since last week. It is likely that they are the ones but all that will be clear as investigation progresses,” he said. He added he could not so far confirm whether there was any foul play.

However a resident of Tobacco Road where the children are reported to have come from told The Standard that there are strong feelings among many people in Banjul that the incident could not have been an accident. “There are some who believe the kids were murdered and dumped in the scrappy car in a garage,” our local source said.

He added that it is unlikely that the kids could have accidentally locked themselves up and failed to alert people for days while still alive. The scene was stormed by curious onlookers who wondered how such an abomination could happen in a little old sleepy city where everyone is fond of children.

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