By:Kebba AF Touray
The National Assembly has approved the Estimates of revenue and expenditure of the country for the coming fiscal year 2019 with amendments after days of intense scrutiny. This came following the Finance Minister’s presentation of the said estimates in the tune of D25.28 billion.
The estimates of revenue and expenditure for 2019 is as follows.
Office of the President D642,526,051
Office of the Vice President D117,525,000
National Assembly D132,373,419
Judiciary D114,591,692
Independent Electoral Commission D29,800,723
Public Service Commission D9,900,000
Ministry of Defense D699,057,843
Ministry of Interior D752,767,649
Ministry of Tourism D37,039,165
Ministry of Foreign Affairs D1,051,282,799
Ministry of Justice D343,662,635
Ministry of Finance D790,816,197
Pensions and Gratuities D375,678,000
Ombudsman D20,341,000
Ministry of Lands D170,381,997
Ministry of Agriculture D234,268,940
Ministry of Works D81,265,164
Ministry of Trade D104,062,020
Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education D1,989,270,828
Ministry of Health D1,035,987,500
Ministry of Youth and Sports D97,026,190
Ministry of the Environment D89,445,495
Ministry of Information D34,152,479
Ministry of Fisheries D36,320,000
Ministry of Higher Education Research Science and Technology D243,339,522
Ministry of Petroleum and Energy D48,515,500
Ministry of Women Children and Social Welfare D44,485,475.
The Minister of Finance will reappear before the National Assembly for discussion of the amendments before the final adoption by the Lawmakers slated for Monday 10th November, 2018.

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