Baboucarr Jeng

By Yankuba Jallow

Baboucar Jeng, a 31-year-old Gambian was on Thursday January 24th 2019, shot dead in Libya.

This was confirmed to Foroyaa Newspaper by the father of the deceased.

Samba Jeng, said the family received the sad news on Thursday that his son was shot dead in the early hours of Thursday morning. Samba said Baboucar left a wife and two young children.

“Baboucar went to Libya to work and alleviate the poverty of his family. He saw that we are suffering. So, he decided to go to Libya to find a job and help us back home,” the father told Foroyaa.

Samba said his late son was very helpful to the family especially in terms of providing them with all their feeding needs.

“When he was in Libya, he sent us money to buy food. He was the breadwinner of the family,” Jeng said.

He said Baboucar had spent five years in Libya doing business before his untimely death; that he was repatriated by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), but decided to return to continue with his work, because there was nothing to do in the country. He said since the time he came until his return, he had nothing to do but to see his family continue living the same situation, although with some improvement because of the remittance he was sending them.

“We have missed him forever. He left his wife and his children. The background of the family is not strong. His children are very young and we appeal for support to enable the children get educated,” Samba said.

He told Foroyaa that they have already done the funeral rites of the late Baboucar and are anticipating to see if they can bring back his remains, to be given a decent burial on home soil.

The family of Samba lives in a village call Jamali Babou, about three kilometres from Janjanbureh.

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