By Baba Sillah

Lawyer Mary Samba has told the Janneh commission that the interim order imposed on the businesses and assets of her client has had a detrimental effect.
Addressing the enquiry, lawyer Samba said her client was summoned with twenty notices and was questioned and testified on all the summon notices issued to him by the enquiry.
She submitted that whether Mr Samba is considered to be a close associate of former president, needed to be argued and determined by the enquiry before any final decision could be taken.
Lawyer Samba argued that the interim order by the enquiry on the businesses and assets of Mr Samba was issued before her client was served.

She then referred to the law at that point which established the commission and submitted that the commission should be impartial in its finding and proceedings.
She also pointed out that her client was not a close associate of the exiled former president, claiming that fair hearing and time should be given to both parties by the enquiry to hear from both sides in order to make an intelligent judgment.

Lawyer Samba urged the commission to disregard the evidence of some of the witnesses such as Njogu Bah, Ousman Jatta and others as they were not reliable witnesses.
According to the lawyer, the former president took advantage of her client’s financial status who borrow him money but he never refunded.

Mar Samba also made reference to the evidence of her client whom she said has described the former president as a “so-called friend.”
The lawyer further argued that her client has found himself in a state of terror, claiming that there was no rule of law, which she said was disregarded by the former president.
She finally cited legal authorities which she read out to substantiate her submission and urged the commission to consider the evidence of her client.

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