By Hatab Nyang 

On Saturday 24th February 2018, this medium was informed of a land dispute between the villagers of Berending, and the Manjang Kunda family of Gunjur in the Kombo South district.

The said land dispute had been ongoing for some time now. However on this particular incident, the windscreens of three cars belonging to members of the Manjang Kunda family of Gunjur, were alleged to have been smashed, and motor bikes and bicycles tyres pierced with knives.

According to Alagie Ismaila Manjang an elder member of the Manjang Kunda family, the land in dispute belongs to their family; that the said land was inherited from their great grandparents; that since last week, they were clearing the said land to share among family members; that during this particular day, they went there to share part of the land among some members of the family; that they used their cars, and some used motor bikes and bicycles, because the place is far; that when they arrived at their destination, they left their cars and motorbikes behind for some youth and children to guard; that when they were inside the bush to share the land, people from Berending came behind them and destroyed their car windsheilds, motor bike and bicycles tyres.

Manjang said those they left behind to guard their cars and bikes, called them to inform that while they were in the bush, people from Berending came and destroyed their vehicles; that they returned to the scene and found that the people from Berending were nowhere to be found; that they came to Gunjur Police Station to lodge their complaints.

Fakebba Niassi who was among the people guarding the vehicles and bikes, said they were threatened with a gun, cutlasses and knives, before destroying the windshields of their cars and bike tyres.

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