By Omar Bah

The National Mobiliser General of the opposition Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction has said they are not bothered by the unity or disunity of the United Democratic Party.
Speaking to The Standard former KM mayor Yankuba Colley said as far as the APRC is concerned, it does not matter whether the UDP is united or not.
“APRC is strong enough to win the next election alone and that is more important to us,” he said.
“You probably came to me thinking that the APRC will rejoice over the current noise in the UDP but we are not looking to build our strength from other people’s problems. The APRC is bigger than that. We do not interfere in other parties’ internal fights,” he added.

UDP NAMs saga
Colley however found some time to talk about the bribery allegation involving UDP parliamentarians. He said if the allegations are true it is tragic and a lack of transparency at the highest level, which exposes Barrow’s lack of leadership abilities.

Colley also said he is very confident that President Barrow is not planning to form a political party. “I do not want to discuss about UDP’s internal fights but Barrow is not planning to form a political party. One thing I know is that he is not receiving enough support from his cabinet. The mistake he made was to sack most of the brains that worked with Jammeh and surrounded himself with people who are clueless about governance. I am not therefore surprised that he is bringing back people like Mamadou Tangara and Mambury Njie,” he noted.
He said the current administration must also stop putting every blame on Jammeh.


Asked how former President Jammeh is following and taking developments back home, Colley said Jammeh is very confident that the APRC will win the next presidential election despite all the smear campaigns against him.

“I always speak to Jammeh and I know he is not even thinking about this government or the allegations people are making against him. If you speak to him, you know that Jammeh is not the least worried because he is confident that APRC will win the next presidential election,” he said.
The former mayor said their confidence of victory is premised on the fact that many Gambians have realised that voting Jammeh out was a mistake.

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