By Mafugi Ceesay

The deputy spokesperson of the APRC, Dodou Jah, has rubbished claims by two recent defectors to the UDP, of being key APRC members.

On Saturday, the UDP unveiled Mr Pa Ndura, a former APRC vice chairman of Serekunda Central and Modou Conteh, a former Sukuta ward councillor after joining the yellow camp.
But the APRC is claiming that since the party lost power following the 2016/2017 political impasse, the two have been a no-show and that the party was not even aware of their “existence”.

Dodou Jah told The Standard yesterday: “Who are these people? We don’t even know that they are existing.Who can even tell whether they have voted for the APRC? We have not seen them seen since the era of political impasse; they have never attended any of our political functions.

“Everyone has the right to join any political party of his or her choice but it should be in the right manner. One cannot claim that one is from a party when that party does not know even know of your existence.

“We have followers who are not executive members of the party, yet they are recognised by the party since they take part in most of the party’s functions, either through the social media or through the political activities. So they can claim to be bona fide members of the APRC.Not people who have not had anything to do with the party for over three years!
“Therefore, [Ndura and Conteh] cannot claim to defect from the APRC to the UDP. We should be honest in our actions; not try to create politics of deception.”

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