By Omar Bah

The APRC leader has confirmed that his party will contest the National Assembly by-election set to take place in Niamina West.

The parliamentary seat became vacant following the sudden death on the evening of Friday, January 24th in Morocco of the sitting NAM, Demba Sowe, of the GDC.
Since the death of Mr Sowe, there have been reports that several parties have intimated they will not contest the seat in deference to the memory of the affable late politician.
However, in an interview with Star FM to be broadcast today, APRC leader Fabakary Tombong Jatta said they intend to put up a candidate, unless they “fail to have someone willing to contest for the position”.

Jatta also reassured all APRC supporters that former president Yahya Jammeh “will very soon come back to the country…We are just trying to exhaust one or two things.”
He said:“All the government can say is that when Jammeh returns they will take him to court, but they cannot stop him from coming.We believe as a party, people should respect our love for APRC and Jammeh if they want us to respect them and their political choice.
“No one can stop Jammeh from coming back? That is not even sensible. How can I build my compound and travel and you want to say I will not return to my compound? Who has that power?”

Jatta also urged the government to immediately set up a panel to investigate the cause of the Kanilai fire outbreak that bunt some parts of Jammeh’s estate.
“The government should begin to demonstrate that it is a government for all Gambians. Barrow should remember that one day he will leave office,” he added.

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