By Kaddy Jawo

The National Assembly select committee on public enterprise on Monday resolved to defer the annual activity report and audited financial statements of Gamtel/Gamcel for the year ended 31st December 2014 and 31st December 2015, respectively.
The committee is chaired by Halifa Sallah, the Member for Serekunda constituency who informed the top brass of Gamtel/Gamcel that they cannot conduct business in the absence of the Managing Director.
Mr Sallah told the officials that it is a constitutional requirement that a report must be presented within three months after the end of its financial term by the head of the institution.
The officials of Gamcel/Gamtel in turn informed the committee that the Managing Director has traveled and the chairman of Gamtel/Gamcel was also not available.
The officials further apologized to the select committee for the delay and promised to reappear with the Managing Director on a later date approved by the National Assembly.

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