By Tabora Bojang

The Banjul American International School in partnership with U S Peace Corps in the Gambia over the weekend convened the 3rd Gambia teachers institute education conference for over 130 teachers from secondary schools across the country.
Funded by the US Embassy in Banjul the conference focuses on addressing variety of academic topics on literacy, mathematics and science, creative methods for enhancing instruction, theatre, health and first aid training amongst others.
Speaking at the ceremony the deputy chief of mission at US Embassy, Shelly Seaver said the conference is one of the many education-focused initiatives the US Embassy supports and a demonstration of the commitment of both the US Embassy and BAIS to supporting education in The Gambia.
She expressed optimism that the conference will go a long way in creating meaningful educational partnerships with the opportunity for promoting a student-centered learning and teaching practices.

“Ensuring that children are educated is critical to success, and the US Embassy stands with you all in the common goal of strengthening education in The Gambia since the youth population represents the future of The Gambia; you all – as teachers, leaders, and community members – have the opportunity to empower and shape this future every day” , she said.
The director of Banjul American International School, Caleb Steindam, said the faculty and leadership of BAIS are deeply committed to our work as educators. ”We believe in education as an essential human right, and we believe that teaching is one of the most important jobs in any society. This is why we are putting our efforts and professional expertise to use to benefit not only our own students but also students through put the Gambia, all of whom deserve the opportunity for a quality education,” Steindam said.

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