Thick cloud of smoke that has covered an area as far as Banjulunding

The Bakoteh Dumpsite was smouldering on Friday and Saturday, emitting a canopy of smoke covering a wide area, as far as Banjulunding.

Some people at the dumpsite believe that the fire was started by children scavenging at the site.

The smoldering at the site affected the neigbourhood, the flow of traffic especially vehicles and motor-cycles plying the road beside the dumpsite and the SOS children’s village.

Muhammed an Official at the site was too busy trying to put off the fire and could not afford time to speak to this reporter. He however noted that the wind escalated the fire by making it spread to other parts of the site.

Tanks upon tanks of fresh water were brought to the site to put off the fire. Earlier on Friday, the Fire and Rescue Service did what they could but were not able to control the fire on that day.

Residents of neigbouring compounds expressed concerns, noting that the smoke could cause some health for people. They argue that issues like the smouldering prompted the community to call for the site to be relocated. They fear that the smouldering that occurred on several occasions in the past may begin to repeat itself.

The KMC in their statement issued on this matter indicated that the fire was caused by children who sneaked into the site and lit fire with matches. The statement added that the police were notified and they called the children parents. The council’s statement further stated that since they came into office this is the second such incident and both cases were caused by trespassers.

All residents have therefore been warned to stay off the site for their own safety.

They added that they have budgeted to fence the perimeter of Bakoteh Dumpsite this year which will keep the site secure while they look for a permanent solution.

The Mayor of the Municipal Council Talib Bensouda also visited the site whiles it was burning.

It could be recalled that Bakoteh dumpsite has been in the public eye since the new council members came into office.

The people living in the neighbourhood of the dumpsite have been very concerned about their health and comfort and have always been yearning for a solution which is yet to come. Damage is caused to both human and the natural environment. Underground waters have since been polluted in areas close to the site to the extent that almost all wells near the site have been abandoned.

Residents say despite its better management, they still want the site to be relocated.

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