Photo: Balla Gaye 2 on arrival

By Sulayman Bah
Balla Gaye II has finally returned from France ahead of his fierce battle with Modou Lo.
The two are scheduled to slug it out January next year on a date later to be decided.
Sporting a violet tracksuit with an emblazoned badge of American Basketball team outfit LA patched on the left breast, Balla also adorned himself with what looked like a gold chain and a very noticeable blond hair –the latest craze sweeping athletes across the globe.
Flanked by his entourage which unsurprisingly comprised sibling Sathies and a handful of police escorts, Balla walked past the crowd of supporters who’d lined the tarmac heading straight to his waiting vehicle and headed for, presumably, Guediawaye, his home town.
In the short footages shown of the former King of Area, the Lion of Guediawaye did not sport a bulging stomach as most Senegalese gri gris wrestlers are wont to. Instead he had a toned body, just about the same impressive figure shown of him while training in Paris’ boxing ring.
He touches down in Dakar, a month away from the occasion just weeks after his father, an erstwhile arena star himself Doubless, pleaded for his return to begin contact sport.
Experts predict rapidity, agility and flexibility should Balla Gaye maintain the physique he’d displayed going into the clash.
While in France, he invited bosom Ama Balde to aid him with contact whose fighting style is little close to Balla’s adversary Modou Lo currently in Spain doing his workouts.

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