Hon. Ousman Sillah

By:Kebba AF Touray

Ousman Sillah, National Assembly for Banjul North, has called on Gambians both at home and abroad to take charge of their destiny and resist any dividing source, knowing that nation building requires collective participation of the entire citizenry, irrespective of tribe, ethnicity or other backgrounds.

He also urged the populace to not allow anyone to blindfold them based on tribal sentiments.

He said this yesterday at his office in Banjul, during a press conference with the media, on his return from his 26-day tour of European countries.

The tour availed the Banjul North lawmaker to meet with Gambians in the countries visited and held a series of meetings, fora and discussions in Germany, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Norway and Spain to assess their conditions and chart the way forward.

Sillah cited enfranchisement, deportation of Gambian migrants, unresolved land disputes among others as thematic concerns of Gambians abroad. He cited that Gambians are in three folds overseas, namely those that are well placed with legal status, those that are trying to settle and those in miserable conditions.

“The onus lies on the Gambia government to provide for our young people, but we need governments that are committed, have vision, sacrificial, honest to make sure that avenues are created so that the potential resources are effectively utilized and engage young people to develop the country”, he said.

He also called for the harnessing, reintegration and financial support of the young potential Gambians in the diaspora as it is central in nation building and development.

Hon. Sillah described the tour as a mission accomplished and thanked all at home and those abroad for their immense contributions towards the success of the tour.                                        

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