Foundation Stone Laying


Banjulians has welcomed the rehabilitation of drainages and road project of the capital city; however they call for project implementation to be as promised.

This launching attracted comments from citizens of Banjul both on the social media and within the community of Banjul. Some of the concerns raised were that during the former regime similar projects have been promised by the then government and even the City Council but nothing materialized as planned.

So people therefore, are foreseeing this rehabilitation project not to be politically motivated but rather realistic and seen to be done.

The more than 35 Million US Dollar five year project is expected to commence this year as the foundation stone was laid at a launching ceremony in Banjul by President Barrow, witnessed by senior government officials and the Mayor of Banjul on Saturday 16 February 2019. This project seeks to rehabilitate 37 kilometers of roads in Banjul and also the drainage system.

Abdoulie Njie a resident of Lancaster  said the project is long overdue, adding “ as we’ve been totally sidelined by the previous administrations”.

He said the modernization of the capital city more especially, on the drainage and sewerage systems has been advocated by Banjulians for what he referred to as “for ages”.

He said “Banjul has always needed a thorough facelift, It is no argument that on an infrastructural standpoint we are still stuck in the old era, colonial set structures”.

Njie said these structures are still visible amid the rapid developmental changes within the sub-regions.

Citing the President’s quote Njie said “As the president stated a nation’s capital is the starting point that paces and leads any nation’s direction towards solid and lasting development.” He added, “This should be an ongoing process with the drainage and sewerage systems being key priorities.”

He said other areas too should be priorities such as housing and strategic accommodation mechanisms should be set which will re-instill investment trust once again.

He concluded in welcoming the project launch and said this is a positive expectation from the residents of Banjul.

Sulayman Njie a resident of Banjul Central congratulates Gambians more especially Banjulians for the project launch.

He said people have been advocating for such project for the past years to transform the city.  He added “but luckily enough for lord Mayoress, she is able to bring it at our disposal.”

Sulayman expressed gratitude to the President for given Banjulians the priority and instilling hope in them.

“The project is good and timely one indeed which we are anticipating to be a quality and durable work done and equally reflect high employment intake of Banjulians from beginning to the closure,” he remarked.

He said Banjulians are looking forward for the well supervision of the project, by both the inhabitants of Banjul  and Council as well as relevant stakeholders.

He raised a concern as to whether the project will not be a political strategy of laying foundations and delay the work till the end without proper timely adherence.

“Let them please help us on other critical concerns of Banjul like sanitation, the condemnation of massive building of warehouse, the follow-up of The Youth Multi Purpose centre,  among other things.”

Sambujang Drammeh a resident of Tobacco Road said the Project is a good move and has come at a right time.

“Banjul as capital needing a massive development in the area of Roads, Drainage and a lot more infrastructures” Drammeh underscored, and he further said this is good for Banjul.

He also raised a concern that the empty lands in Tobacco Road can be used for the building of malls or stores rather than building such in the middle of the city.

Amie Ann a resident of Hope Street, on her part welcomed the launching of the rehabilitation of Banjul, noting that is a dream come.

She said this is what she has been yearning for, seeing Banjul as the Capital City it has been claimed for.

She believes that good road networks, proper sewage system management, and great infrastructural developments will create job opportunities for Banjulians, more especially the youth.

In conclusion she expressed high expectation that “the project will go well as expected and not the other way round.”

Rohey Lowe the Banjul Mayoress in her statement during the launch of the programme said, “It is a dream come through”.

She said, “Not only I want to see the transformation of our capital city, but how to make it happen became something to think about every day.”

She said as the first Mayoress, with this project, she is proud to lift the banner and continue to champion the cause of women and youths towards nation building.

She urged everyone to partake in the implementation of the projects, she also said her doors are open for any comment, advice or suggestion on the project.

President Barrow during his launch pointed out that the City had been neglected for far too long, which led to structural dilapidation of the road networks and incessant floods and leakage of sanitary wastes.

The Banjul Rehabilitation Project includes the construction of 37 KM of roads and the rehabilitation of the entire drainage and sewage systems, which is expected to be completed in 5 years.

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