President Barrow has described the recently concluded second edition of the Presidential Council Meeting between Gambia and Senegal as an opportunity to discuss salient matters bordering on the bilateral cooperation between the two countries as well as a chance to consult on international affairs of common concern relative to the sub-region and the continent of Africa.

Speaking at the closing of the meeting in Dakar yesterday, the president added that the meeting facilitated a candid exchange of views and adoption of concrete positions on common objectives.

“With reference to our bilateral relations, regional integration and global issues, I am happy to express my satisfaction with the fruitful discussions we had. They allowed us to review the cooperation agreements between our two countries and our common desire to strengthen them.I welcome our resolve to heighten the bilateral relations between us and to broaden multilateral collaboration through South-South Cooperation arrangements.
I strongly support the push to foster genuine economic growth on the African continent for greater human development”, the President said.

Barrow also congratulated the two countries’ ministers and senior officials on the sterling work they undertook such as diligently finalising the various important agreements signed. “I remain confident that the various tasks we have set ourselves through the action points in the Report of the Second Edition of the Presidential Council Meeting, and the various objectives contained in the signed agreements will be pursued before convening the Third Edition of the Presidential Council in Banjul,” he said.

Barrow concluded by noting that the meeting characterised the special bond of unity between The Gambia and Senegal, and which goes on to signify that our two countries are indeed one people divided into two nations, but with a common heritage and destiny.

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