By Omar Bah

The secretary of Barrow Youth for National Development has rebutted as totally misleading, comments made by the organisation’s President, Ansu Singhateh who claimed in a Standard interview Wednesday that they have no ‘funds’ to construct the reported 60 mosques.
However Kebba Lang Fofana yesterday told The Standard that the executive of the organisation were depressed and disappointed by comments made by their President.

“This is basically a misrepresentation of facts from our president. No organisation is sufficient when it comes to funding but as of now we have solicited enough funds to start the implementation of our projects. It is not only mosques but other social amenities based on the need of the communities concerned.
It is up to to the communities to decide what they need and is based on their immediate needs that guide the type of project and as I am talking to you now we have indeed signed contracts for the constructions of two mosques in the West Coast and URR, which will start as soon as possible.

These communities have been engaged and the funds are available and construction will start very soon.
The clarification we want to make is to state that funding, be it sufficient or otherwise, is an inherent feature in an organization.

All organisations strive to make sure that they have sufficient funds. Sufficiency is relative, but as at now we want to assure everybody that our projects have started and funds are available based on the immediate needs of the people. We will implement horticultural gardens, social amenities, boreholes, youth empowerment and other projects.

In the last two weeks alone we signed contracts in Pirang, Yundum, Bakoteh, Kembujeh and Tanji for projects based on the need of the communities there. How can an organisation be able to kick start five projects without funding?
So to say that the organisation does not have funds is totally outrageous and misleading and to make it very simple, the statements are a total misrepresentation of the facts of the realities on the ground.
We have very genuine people who are definitely putting the funds into good use to fulfill the country’s developmental needs. So it is not correct to say we don’t have funds to carry out our projects,” he rebutted.

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