228 Motorbikes

The Barrow Youths for National Development has received 228 motorbikes.

The Motorbikes are being assembled at a ware house.

Speaking at the press briefing unveiling the bikes, the Secretary General of the Movement Kebba Lang Fofana, said the bikes are received as gifts from generous donors.

He said the bikes will be distributed to Youths of the country in order to complement the National Development Agenda of the Government.

Mr. Fofana said they currently received two Borehole Drilling Machines and currently over thirty youths have been identified who are being trained by well qualified Gambian borehole drillers in various expertise.

He said they want to be trained as entrepreneurs.

He concluded that they have 50 Milling Machines to be distributed and allocated to needy communities  in the country with sufficient equipment to drain and install 50 boreholes of 10,000 litres capacity in the country and communities have been identified.

Also speaking was the Programme Manager Youths for National Development, Seedy Lamin Bah, who said they’re happy to receive the bikes as part of their efforts to contribute to the national development agenda of the country and they are tasked with the responsibility of helping community development.

“In order to do our work, we need operating tools and this is one of them. So, receiving this will help them to access the areas that we want to go to,” he said.

He said they have 150 projects in the country and in order to access the places they need something like these to be mobile and reach out to people and be able to do their work effectively and efficiently.

He said the president’s Agenda and the Youths for National Development are not the same and both have their ways.

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