Photo: France (left) facing Boy Balla (right)

By Sulayman Bah

This Sunday will see the country’s very best arena stars cross daggers in a sure to wow clash of big guns.

The hype around the tie is already beyond expectations with many preferring to dub it ‘duel of the season’ with the Independence Stadium the venue.

Boy Balla and France meeting followed successful talks between representatives of both stars which led to the deal’s signing at the Gambia Wrestling Association headquarters mid this year.

The agreed terms were undisclosed including the fee the duo is paid.

Keeping price tags of wrestlers under wraps have been a long drawn out topic and the debate only continues to simmer.

Banjul-based France will be crossing daggers with Jabang-based Boy Balla, feted the best wrestler last campaign.

Boy Balla goes into the fight on the back of victory over Mustapha Gueye II –the third Senegalese wrestler he’d defeated with an impressive unbeaten track record.

France comes on the heels of a rematch victory over Sanneh and a defeat on referee’s decision against Hoyantan in a controversial bout.

The two were said to have had training sessions with France being Boy-Balla’s helper before the latter’s last fight in Dakar versus Sa Thies II.

Both are good at strenuous fights including boxing.

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