By Yankuba Jallow

The Brufut Marathon Run (BMR) Committee based in Brufut Kombo North in the West Coast Region, on Friday 10th March 2019, signed a partnership agreement with the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC). The partnership aims to ensure that the commemoration of April 10th and 11th is given a wider coverage with the involvement of all Gambians.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Musu Ba Koto Saho, the Deputy Executive-Secretary of the TRRC, said the partnership is not only important to victims of April 10/11, but their families as well; that this would enable them realize that they are part of the TRRC process. She said the TRRC is one of the components of the Transitional Justice Process. She thanked the BMR Committee for the partnership and encouraged them to keep up the good work.

Mariama Joof, the Chairperson of BME Committee, revealed that this year’s theme for the run is: “Justice and Reconciliation.”  Joof said the Association has sponsored students in their community and provided support to the Brufut Health Centre. She thanked the TRRC for accepting the partnership and further indicated that the association was established twenty-five years ago.

Ba S. Jabbi, a board member, said the association was established to help the community with their agricultural endeavours, in order to alleviate poverty, and to provide support to women and children as well.

He however said they have widened their tentacles through sport, noting that the marathon would be used to amplify the April 10 / 11 slain and injured student demonstrators, which is part of the “Never Again Campaign” of the TRRC.

Jabbie said their partnership with the TRRC is relevant because it is in line with their work on youth empowerment.

Ebou Faye Njie, coordinator of the Victims Support Unit of the TRRC, applauded the TRRC’s partnership with BMR; adding the marathon run is not only for physical fitness or health improvement, but is a remembrance for April 10 / 11 victims.

Musu Ba Koto Sawo and Mariama Joof signed the agreement on behalf of TRRC and BMR respectively. Essa Jallow, Communication Specialist at the TRRC, Chaired the ceremony.

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