The disputed land set on fire

The situation in Gunjur and Berending is now under control after communal clashes over the weekend left one person dead and a number of casualties.

Some of the injured are still hospitalized and arrests have been effected in Berending. Military and Police Intervention Unit staff are guarding installations and patrolling the streets of both Gunjur and Berending.

The elders of Gunjur have come together and advised the youths of Gunjur to calm down and allow the government and the authorities concerned to do their job.

According to information gathered from a source in Berending it is difficult to know how many people are arrested from their village presently. He said when the security forces went round the village arresting people, a lot of the villagers fled to hide themselves because of fear. As the security forces moved around with their weapons arresting youths and men in their community, the residents panicked.

Those students who are attending schools in Gunjur and Seefo especially Gunjur and Seefo Senior Secondary Schools did not go to school for fear they may be attacked by the residents of Gunjur.

The corpse is still in hospital.

Up to the time of going to press, attempts to get information on casualties from hospital or police were unsuccessful.

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