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Ex-Marseille President Pape Diouf Dies Of COVID-19

Former Olympic Marseille FC President (between 2005 and 2009)PapeDiouf is reported to have diedof COVID-19 in a Dakar hospital yesterday, according APS. He was 68. Diouf had been put on a respiratory machine as plans went underway to transport him from hospital in Senegal to France so that he could be put in the best [...]

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Stop Politicisation Of Charitable Causes In The Face Of The Covid-19 Pandemic

By Solomon Demba Since the outbreak of the deadly Covid-19, there appears to be a rise fundraising campaigns with a view to complementing the functions of the state in meeting the social needs of society. Clearly such efforts should be welcome. However, political philanthropism deployed for personal political expedience is unconscionable and defeats the purpose [...]

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Guidelines For Infection Control Following Death From Covid-19

In general, all indications are that we are not yet near the worst of the Coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) and deaths caused by the virus may continue to increase in some parts of the world.In many parts of the world, the bodies of Covid-19 victims are building up to be cremated / buried. It is [...]

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Letters : Recognising The Frailty Of Life

Dear editor, Mortality has ever being a Constant since the beginning of life. We see death. We live through death. We lose to death. But somehow, we manage to build a facade, aspire and dream big and go on with with business as usual believing that it’s always going to be someone’s turn. Just not [...]

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The new constitution! | Gambia News

On Monday 30th of March 2020, the Constitutional Review Commission (CRC) submitted its report and the final Draft Constitution to the President, Mr Adama Barrow. Yesterday, the 31st of March, the same was published. When President Adama Barrow came into office in January 2017, one of the things he announced as his government’s top priorities [...]

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Melville Claims Ag Tries To Engineer His Rape Charges

By Momodou Justice Darboe For the first time since he was reportedly slammed with rape charges last week, former top Foreign Affairs official Melville Roberts has spoken out, accusing Justice Minister Ba Tambadou of trying to engineer the charges against him. Roberts was last week reportedly charged with rape after several women alleged that he [...]

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