Gambia: The toxic Chinese Fishmeal Factory and Gunjur’s Environmental Catastrophe

By Mathew K Jallow It was a bit of a mystery that rattled residents of this quiet coastal community. The once idyllic lagoon, Bolong Fengyo, on the outskirt of Gunjur, 35 miles south of the capital city, Banjul, had turned into a river of blood. And on its banks, plant and wildlife; birds, fish, [...]

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Gambia: The Gambia-EU Relationship

[quads id=2] By Mona Sutphen Let there be no doubt that one of The Gambia's biggest partners in development today is the European Union (EU). EU has significantly contributed to the infrastructural development aspiration of The Gambia over the past 22 years, constructing most of the important roads that we Gambian are using. But who [...]

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Gambia: Transcending the post-election crisis in the Gambia: A politico-legal perspective

On December 1, 2016, a presidential election was held in the Gambia and Adama Barrow was declared president-elect with 43.3% against the incumbent president Yahyah Jammeh who scored 39.6 % of the vote cast. Jammeh conceded defeat, but subsequently made a volt-face; annulled the election results, and then later sought to legally challenge the results [...]

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Gambia: Open letter to President Jammeh: Please Listen to Reason

I am writing this piece in the hope that the outgoing President, Yahya Jammeh, reads it or somebody with access to him brings it to his attention. I am writing in good faith and for the good of our dear country of The Gambia, a country the Almighty God has blessed us with, to [...]

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As Gambians lose fear, President Jammeh’s isolation grows

By Edward McAllister BANJUL, Dec 16 (Reuters) - Lawyers, trade unions, teachers and journalists have joined a growing chorus of demands for Gambian President Yahya Jammeh to accept his defeat in a Dec. 1 election, as people lose their fear of the man who has ruled them for the past 22 years. As lawyers [...]

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Gambia: EU Mulls Between Carrots & Sticks For Gambia’s Jammeh

By Andrew Friedman It can often be difficult to argue to both countries and individuals that human rights matter on the international stage. While they make a huge difference to those that find their rights violated on an every day basis or must fight to have even the most basic of rights respected, such considerations [...]

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