Gambia: Transcending the post-election crisis in the Gambia: A politico-legal perspective

On December 1, 2016, a presidential election was held in the Gambia and Adama Barrow was declared president-elect with 43.3% against the incumbent president Yahyah Jammeh who scored 39.6 % of the vote cast. Jammeh conceded defeat, but subsequently made a volt-face; annulled the election results, and then later sought to legally challenge the results [...]

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Gambia: Open letter to President Jammeh: Please Listen to Reason

I am writing this piece in the hope that the outgoing President, Yahya Jammeh, reads it or somebody with access to him brings it to his attention. I am writing in good faith and for the good of our dear country of The Gambia, a country the Almighty God has blessed us with, to [...]

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As Gambians lose fear, President Jammeh’s isolation grows

By Edward McAllister BANJUL, Dec 16 (Reuters) - Lawyers, trade unions, teachers and journalists have joined a growing chorus of demands for Gambian President Yahya Jammeh to accept his defeat in a Dec. 1 election, as people lose their fear of the man who has ruled them for the past 22 years. As lawyers [...]

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Gambia: EU Mulls Between Carrots & Sticks For Gambia’s Jammeh

By Andrew Friedman It can often be difficult to argue to both countries and individuals that human rights matter on the international stage. While they make a huge difference to those that find their rights violated on an every day basis or must fight to have even the most basic of rights respected, such considerations [...]

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