By Saidou S Baldeh

The UDP National Assembly Member for Serekunda West has said that the ‘soon-to-go’ Chairman of BAC Sheriffo Sonko’s fate will be a lesson to President Barrow and his NPP.
The United Democratic Party, which sponsored Chairman Sonko to victory in 2018 is planning to expel him after he allegedly abandoned the party for Barrow’s NPP. Under the Local Government Act, Sonko will automatically lose his position if he is expelled by the party which sponsored his election.

Speaking to The Standard yesterday, Madi Ceesay said the UDP will send a signal to Barrow that he and his NPP are on the wrong side.

“The NPP is a non-starter. The party is full of nonentities claiming to be politicians. From the very beginning they could not run any coherent agenda and started going around telling people that the NPP is the same with the UDP because they know they cannot gather support using Barrow’s name,” Ceesay said.

He added that even Barrow has no doubt that his NPP cannot shake UDP. ”It is a matter of time and all will be clear,” Ceesay said.

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