By Mustapha Jallow

A delegation comprising the Constitutional Review Commission (CRC) and the National Council for Civic Education (NCCE), on Tuesday December 18th 2018, continued their public engagement with citizens on the constitutional review process.

The delegation began their consultative engagement with Gambians through face to face dialogues, to sound their thoughts and opinions on the proposed new constitution on one hand, and by using social media to consult Gambians in the Diaspora for them to share their concerns, suggestions and opinions on the review process, on the other.  

Speaking in Kafuta in the Kombo East district, NCCE’s Civic Education Officer Ansumana Yabou, told the community members of the village that the country’s future is in their hands; that only citizens can make the country better by coming out to express their concerns in meetings of such nature, with the consultative team. “We are here to educate each other, so that you will be well prepared to make relevant contributions to the CRC delegation, when they arrive in your neighbourhood. I therefore call on you to come out and attend the meetings in your communities,’’ he told them.

The NCCE educator urged women to voice-out their concerns for better health care systems and other issues that will provide them adequate treatment under the new Constitution; that if such points are not voiced out to Commissioners, they would not know their concerns.

“Do not involve party politics in the Constitutional review exercise, or see the consultative team as politicians, because their mission is to receive your thoughts, concerns and opinions for them to include in the proposed new Constitution,’’ he concluded.

For his part, the Alkalo of Kafuta applauded the civic education carried out by the NCCE/CRC delegation; that they have learned many things in their sensitization. He apologized to the delegation for the poor attendance, which he said was due to farming activities at this time of the year.

A similar meeting was held in Faraba-Banta. The public outreach sensitization continues in Busura, Dasilammi and environs. 

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