By: Kebba AF Touray

The Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) have resolved to eradicating rape in the Gambia. This decision came following the recent allegations of rape incidents in the country. This development was disclosed yesterday, during its consultative meeting at the TANGO hall.

The meeting was held in preparation of the launching of anti-rape movement called #I AM Toufah Campaign, which is slated for Thursday 4th July 2019, at the Youth Monument in Westfield, under the theme “Combating Sexual Violence. Protect Our Girls Today and Tomorrow”.

Madi Jorbarteh of TANGO, said the meeting came on the heel of increasing revelations of rape incidents in the country and it is high time for the citizenry to take measures to combating the trend. He assured Toufah of their support in this campaign which he envisaged to be impactful with a view to combating the ugly scenario in the country.

Musu Komma, Vice Chairperson of The Association of Non-Government Organizations (TANGO), portrayed her delight over the meeting and the campaign, which she disclosed as the beginning of series of engagements of the CSOs, with the ultimate aim of advocating for an end to sexual violence.

She said “It is sad and very unfortunate that this particular situation is epidemic in our society and the culture of silence is making it even more dangerous. Civil Society is going to work very hard and collaborate with the government to make sure that these dangerous human rights violations come to an end in this country”.

Fatou Toufah Jallow, congratulated the citizenry for their dedication to making the country safe and clarified that their sole objective is to turn rape victims to survivors, noting that they cannot erase what happened them.

Jallow said “It is really encouraging to see that within two weeks to say what I have to say, thinking that the people will me out with sticks and stones that I will run back to the Airport and go back home. This is really different and that it seems like The Gambia is ready for this conversation as many other conversations in our history”.

She continued “I think this is the right time to talk about the conversation and to be honest about what it means to clear about what it means, without having to go to the USA or to go around the world as we have been. I am hopeful and it is very encouraging the amount of courage I have seen the people come up with the trust they have in the system and country and the institutions that have provided us the platform and assured us their support”.

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