Mamma Kandeh

By Ndey Sowe

The GDC leader, Mamma Kandeh, has said the Coalition Government is not the type that can lead Gambia; adding that all Gambians have seen this now.

Kandeh said this at a mass rally organized by his party on Saturday 20th of April 2019 in Brikama, where hundreds of party supporters converged.

In explaining himself, he gave the example of the Government of neighbouring Senegal whom he said are interested in developing their country; but that in the Gambia, all that the Government is interested in is how to struggle for better positions rather than developing the country.

He challenged the Coalition Government to clarify to all Gambians what they have agreed on during their formation, rather than keeping everyone in the dark.

Kandeh said in 2017, Government was given 11 million Euros for youth empowerment. He urged Government to tell Gambians where and how the money was spent. He opined that 11 million Euros can empower the seven administrative regions of the country’s youth. He urged Government to invest in river transportation to reduce the unemployment rate in the country.

Kandeh said the president needs to know that he is the servant of the people and should seek advice from those who know better.

Kandeh reiterated that the success of the Coalition was because of PDOIS’ participation; that they came up with the idea and President Adama Barrow should respect this agreement. Kandeh said no other party had spent the money that PDOIS spent during the coalition agreement, for it to be accomplished.

Kandeh said GDC is known for peace and that they do not assault or insult.

He promised that if elected by Gambians, he will rule the country based on truth. “I am not a power-hungry person,’’ he told the gathering.

This is the second rally by the GDC in the Kombos, after Mamuda, in the West Coast Region.

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