A consumer, Klaudia Kodou Jagne on the 20th June 2018 filed a complaint against Toukkiman Services for misrepresentation, causing her physical and emotional stress. The plaintiff (Klaudia Kodou Jagne) in her a complaint to the Consumer Tribunal sought the sum of D2800.00 as refund from Toukkiman Services for transportation fee, the sum of D800 paid to one Mr. Jatta for driving her to the hotel, the sum of D2830 for the cost of international roaming call made to Duroseme Winifred Tailor, an agent of Toukkiman travels, D3000 for damages and the cost of D900.
The defendant, Duroseme Winifred Tailor representing Toukkiman travels denied liability.According to the plaintiff, she had an agreement with the defendant for a Banjul-Dakar transport service. The agreement was to pick her up from her house at 8am and take her to a hotel at the Blaise Diagne Airport in Dakar. She said the defendant picked her up at 9:30 and told her that there was a prearranged vehicle at the ferry terminal waiting to take her to Dakar. Upon arrival at the ferry terminal, she paid the sum of D2800 as fee for the service. She was asked to enter a private vehicle driven by one Mr. Jatta. She stated that Mr. Jatta drove her to the departure lounge of the airport. She argued that the agreement with Toukkiman was to drop her at the airport hotel. The plaintiff called the defendant and realized that Mr. Jatta was not a driver of Toukkiman. She gave him a CFA equivalent of D800 to drive her to the hotel.
Mr. Jatta testified in court corroborating the plaintiff’s story. He added that he was approached by a gentleman who paid him CFA 20,000 to take a woman at the departure lounge of the Blaise Diagne Airport.Under cross examination, the defendant, Duroseme Winifred Tailor confirmed that the plaintiff asked for the services of Toukkiman travels to transport her to a hotel at the Blaise Diagne Airport in Dakar. She denied that the money paid by the plaintiff was for Toukkiman or private hire.Abdou Jagne, a business man at the Banjul ferry terminal and Yama Gomez, marketer and coordinator of Toukkiman both testified in court.
The presiding Judge H/W I.Sallah M’Bai ordered the defendant to pay the sum of D2800 paid to her as services to Toukkiman, the sum of D2830 for the use of her international line, the sum of D2000 for damages incurred and the cost of D900 awarded to the plaintiff.

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