Justice Jallow, CRC Chairperson

By Yankuba Jallow

Justice Sulayman Jallow, the Chairperson of the Constitutional Review Commission (CRC), has called on political parties that have not yet submitted their report to the Commission, to submit their reports.

Justice Jallow indicated that the Commission has received reports from only three political parties, namely PDOIS, UDP and PPP; that the other six parties have not submitted anything to the Commission as yet. “I cannot recall seeing reports from any of the other political parties apart from PDOIS, UDP and PPP. We are giving you the opportunity to send us your written submissions. I invited political parties to provide us with additional written submissions if they have and only these three, PDOIS, UDP and PPP, have done so,’’ Jallow said. Chairperson Jallow said this at the closing session of the CRC engagement with political parties on Constitutional matters.

He continued: “For those who have not sent their written submissions, please I encourage you to go back, reflect on what we have discussed, and send us your written submissions.” He said it is not possible for parties to have the same views on issues. He however enjoined each and every Gambian, to respect each other’s views on what should and should not be in the proposed new Constitution.

Chairperson Jallow said the Commission (CRC) is mandated by an Act of the National Assembly to prepare and draft a new Constitution for the Gambia that will prove the test of time of generations to come; that the need for the Gambians to take ownership of the proposed new Constitution is paramount. He renewed his call for political parties to send their report; that the process of consultation is important to the constitutional making process because the proposed new Constitution will be for the people who should see themselves in the whole process.

As a matter of discretion, the Chairperson said the CRC will extend the time for other political parties to submit their reports adding that the CRC will always accommodate them. “As you know, the task we are given is not an easy one. So therefore, we need your cooperation, guidance and input,” Jallow told politicians.

He said constitution building is non-partisan and that it is both a moral and legal obligation on them, to do their part. “We are still giving you time to submit your report because we value your contributions,” he concludes.

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