By Nelson Manneh

The Constitutional Review Commission (CRC), yesterday February 19th 2019, held discussions with Chiefs and Governors on the outcomes of public Consultations, the perspective of Governors and Chiefs on the current Governance system, in relation to their appointment, removal and jurisdiction.

The mandate of the CRC is to draft a new Constitution. The Commission started the process by meeting Gambians across the country, in a bid to receive their contributions and ideas. Now they are engaging Chiefs and Governors to seek their contributions on what they think should reflect in the new Constitution, in relation to their current governance arrangement.

Justice Cherno Sulayman Jallow the Chairperson of the CRC in his remarks, said the reason why they engaged the Chiefs and Governors, was to hear their opinions and contributions in relation to their appointments, removal, jurisdiction and other relevant issues.

Justice Jallow recalled that during the tour, most Chiefs and Governors were not taking part in the meetings effectively, because they did not want to distract the people of their various districts during the process.

“We are aware that there were issues raised that have to do with your various positions. And you did not contribute because you do not want people to see you otherwise,” he said.

Sayfo Alagie Ebrima Ansu Tamba Jammeh, Chief of Upper Baddibou district and the Secretary General of the National Council of Sayfolu, said Chiefs should not take part when it comes to politics; that he has no issue regarding the appointment of Chiefs but asserted that they should not take part when it comes to politics.

“How will it look like if Chiefs engage themselves in politics and start to campaign in their various districts for votes? They must be under a political party and they must be guided by the principles of that political party they belong,” he said.

Chief Jammeh said the Chieftaincy has been in existence well before colonization, and will continue for eternity; that one of the challenges they face is politics which he affirmed, they do not want to take part in.

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