By Mafugi Ceesay

The National Assembly Member for Kantora Constituency, Billay G Tunkara, one of the eight elected on the United Democratic Party who defected to President Barrow, has said the only reason he supports President Barrow’s government is because he wants development and ‘self-actualisation’ for his people.

Speaking to The Standard at the assembly building yesterday, Tunkara, who has since been expelled from the UDP along with his seven colleagues, said his core principle was to support the government for the benefit of the electorate who are vey much part of the government and should therefore not be denied the right to the services they deserve.

He said he also realises that government needs the support of the National Assembly.
“I believe parliament cannot operate in isolation without the the executive and vise versa.
“So I will not withdraw my support to the government and sit on the fence in opposition and merely blaming,” Tunkara said.

He argued that he and his colleagues support the five-year mandate of the President and give less regards to the three years angry agenda of the UDP. He said as National Assembly Members, they should be the first to protect and defend the law which provides for presidential five-year mandate.

“I felt betrayed by the UDP because Darboe’s exit from government as a minister should not drag us to a fight. So our supporters should understand that we were sacked from the UDP because of our support for the Barrow government to succeed and not that we have failed in our responsibility in executing our role as assembly members.

“The row between Barrow and Ousainu Darboe actually and unfortunately grew from personal to party level and to the followership,” he lamented.

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