The Minister of Defence, Sheikh Omar Faye, recently returned from a two-day visit (February 19-20th) to Saudi Arabia at the invitation of the Saudi government.
The visit was aimed at working on the bilateral cooperation between the armed forces of The Gambia and Saudi Arabia.

Defence Minister Faye met the Saudi assistant defence minister Abdullah Al Ayesh. He asked Mr Al Ayesh to extend his appreciation to King Salman, the Crown Prince and the Minister of Defence for “the kind support and assistance they continue to render The Gambia which serves to further strengthen the excellent bilateral relations between the two countries”.

The assistant minister welcomed Minister Faye and his delegation and also alluded to the strong bonds of friendship and cooperation between the two countries and the two armed forces.

During his visit, Minister Faye visited the Islamic Military Counter-Terrorism Coalition Centre in the outskirts of Riyadh. He was received at the centre by the Major General Mohammed Said S Al Moghidi, the head of the centre and was taken on a conducted tour. He held a meeting with the officers at the centre including two Gambian officers currently based in Saudi.

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