Meeting With the two counter parts

France to finance a project amounting to 500,000 euros towards supporting the teaching of French in the Gambia.

This amount was announced during a meeting between Dr. Mamadou Tangara Minister of Foreign Affairs with his French Counterpart Jean -Baptiste Lemoyne,   Secretary of State for the Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs, on April 3rd 2019 in Paris with a view to strengthening bilateral cooperation between our two countries.  This exchange was the opportunity to announce a project to support the teaching of French in The Gambia, which materialised the commitment of The Gambia to the French-speaking area. The Gambia has been a member since 2018 of the International Organisation of La Francophonie (OIF), according to a press statement from the Communication Unit Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Gambia.

Since the Donor Conference in May 2018, France has been Gambia’s largest bilateral donor, with an aid of 50 million euros for the period 2018-2021, the statement disclosed. This support enables the development of projects in the field of agriculture as well as access to water and electricity, it continues.

It stated that France is also assisting The Gambia in strengthening its security system by providing The Gambia National Security Adviser, a French Cooperant.

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