Family members of the 44 Ghanaians who were allegedly murdered in The Gambia in 2005 are demanding US$1 million for each victim as compensation from the government in Banjul, APA learnt Saturday.

According to a report in the Ghanaian Times on Saturday, the families have filed affidavits to that effect through the “Jammeh to Justice” Campaign, a civil society coalition to the Gambia’s ongoing truth and reparations commission.

They are demanding prompt action against perpetrators of the alleged mass slaughter including ousted Gambian leader Yahya Jammeh.
The truth commission was set up in The Gambia to investigate egregious human rights violation when Jammeh was the country’s leader between 1994 when he successfully led a coup to 2017 when he lost power following election.

Family members of the Ghanaian victims claimed that life has become unbearable for them since the demise of their relatives who were said to have been murdered by Jammeh’s death squad known as the Junglers.

The paramilitary outfit took instructions directly from Mr Jammeh to allegedly carry out the mass executions of the Ghanaians who were reportedly migrants bound for Europe that had lost their way.

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