By Kebba AF Touray 

Farmers in the two districts of Wuli, have expressed dissatisfaction with this year’s farm gate price of groundnut and call on the authorities to revisit and reconsider their decision, with a view to increase it. 

The farmers spoken to, disclosed this development in an interview with this medium. 

Kally Jatta, a farmer from the Wuli East village of Sutukoba, said this year’s price fell far short of their expectations; that this year’s price has declined from D18,000 per ton last year, to D17,500 per ton this year. This according to him, means that the price for a bag of groundnut has reduced from D1,300 to D1,187, which is not favorable to them as farmers. Jatta called on the authorities to reconsider this price with the ultimate aim of increasing it. 

Ansumana Jawneh of Banni village in Wuli West district reiterated that farmers in his area, are not satisfied with the farm gate price, which he said has thwarted their expectations.

“In order to protect their groundnuts from insect infestations, farmers have decided to mix their nuts with pesticide, and keep them in store with hope that when the price is increased, they will sell their nuts,” he said. 

Other people who spoke to this reporter include Musa and Tamsir Jagne who all added their voices to the issue. Both implored the relevant authorities to look into the issue to make the farm gate price attractive for farmers, because this is their source of livelihood which they rely on to fend for their various households.

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