By Rohey Cham

On Friday February 15th at 5:30 am, a line house with its contents in the compound of Alhajie Conteh in Bundung, was burnt to ashes. The fire is said to have started from the room of Modou Camara. According to Camara, they were in the room with their children, the wife’s sister and brother in-law; that the fire started when they were sleeping; that at first thought, they thought it was the cash power that was finish; but that when he woke up, he saw that it was a fire outbreak; that he rushed to the rooms and woke his family and they scaled the fence behind the house to escape to the other compound.

Camara said they did not have time to salvage anything from their room; that all their household items were burnt to ashes; that these include money, jewelry, household furniture, equipment and clothing. Camar’s wife said a friend gave her D17, 000 for safe keeping; that this amount including her business money, were all burnt.

According to Camara, the next room close to his, also caught fire and burnt with all its contents; that this is the room of one Njuga Jagne who lives there with the wife Haddy Ndoye.

“I woke up at 5:00 am and took my phone from the parlor. I woke my sister because we were supposed to have a ceremony and I told my sister to cook for the children. When she woke up and went to the veranda, I heard her scream that the other room was burning. Then we all came out,” Haddy Ndoye, wife of Njuga said. Haddy said she lost over D60, 000 to the fire.

Haddy said she is a business woman and has lost all her materials to the ravaging fire; that nothing was removed or salvaged.

The room that caught fire is Ramata Keita’s room. Ramata said she lived there with her four children. “When the other rooms were burning, I did not even think of my things. All I was concerned with, was my children because I did not think the fire was going to reach my room,” she said. She said she has lost some of her things such as her refrigerator, television, chairs and curtains; that many of her things were released because her room started burning, when the fire service arrived; that everybody in the house is safe.

The fire victims are asking for help from all and sundry, who can assist them. For all assistance, please contact Foroyaa.

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