France of Banjul Saku Ham Ham

By Sulayman Bah

Deposed Gambia king of arena Leket Bu Barra has a potential opponent before closure of the season in Banjul-based ‘France’.

The two were mired in a tense argument as a heated push and pull ensued between their entourage over the weekend.

Leket had climbed down the stadium stands to announce his presence and, perhaps, get a potential adversary on the night of Boy Balla-Ndongo Lo duel.

As Leket indulged in his synchronized dance along with his entourage flanking him, ‘France’ surfaced and tantalizingly squaring up to the former Gambia national team captain.

The capital-based wrestler from Banjul Saku Ham Ham Club then waved to promoters to sign his proposed fight with Leket.

Then the two opposing camps fell out as matters got fiery. In the heat of the moment, Senegalese fast-rising starlet Pape Mbaye joined the commotion suggesting to take on France instead.

‘France’ had long tried battling Leket without success. He comes on the back of a victory over Boy Balla while Leket bit the dust to Hoyantan –the newly crowned King of Arena.

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