By Makutu Manneh

Momodou Touray, an experienced taxi driver said fuel prices should be reasonable and stable instead of frequent increase and decrease of this important commodity.

“Decreasing and increasing fuel prices is a challenge for us (we the commercial drivers),” he lamented.

Readers can recall, a decrease in fuel prices from D57.36 to D52. 65 for petrol and from D56.17 to D52.30 for diesel, was reported in the Foroyaa edition of Monday July 1st 2019. This was the first reduction in fuel prices in 2019.

In August 2019, fuel prices have again increased. Petrol has slightly increased from D52.65 to 53.81 whilst diesel has also slightly increased from D52.30 to D53.38. It is only at Castle Patrol Stations where the price of Petrol is D51.81 and Diesel at D51.38 which is the lowest if compared to other stations. This however has raised some concerns among commercial drivers who deplore the action and consider the increment as expensive for them.

Touray further said Government is not thinking about the wellbeing of the average Gambian; that fuel has always been on the increase whilst transport fares remain stagnant; that this does not make their work easy.

He said Government should consider the road situation of the country which he said, are not in good shape; that they usually use all their fuel before they reach their final destination, due to the bad roads of the country.

Kebba Drammeh, another commercial vehicle driver said he has been driving for almost 22 years in the country; that he buys up to D1,200 worth of fuel which he said is expensive, compared to his earnings. He said Government should find ways to give the people a good life.

Ebrima Njie also said their biggest problem as commercial drivers is the frequent increase in fuel prices without their knowledge; that they are only aware of increase in fuel prices when they reach the fuel stations to buy fuel.

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