By Sulayman Bah

Boy Balla was over the weekend left searching for answers after conceding a second defeat in a row.

Held at the Independence Stadium, the Jabang Mbolloh starlet was left cutting a desolate figure following a shocking straight loss this time against Ndongo Lo.

In a duel lasting no more than four minutes, most analysts had predicted it to be a tough fight for the Gambian amid arguments he’d slimmed down massively.

Ndongo Lo, a wrestler in Dakar, the more experienced of the two, emerged triumphant, walloping Boy Balla with almost relative.

Boy Balla threw a teasing punch which had Ndongo closing down the gap before responding with a pack of blows prompting his opponent to be checked by the medics.

Grappling ensued at resumption of the fight as the Senegalese wrestler tucked his hand against the Gambian before sending him crashing sideways in the sands.

Sunday night’s win marked the Senegalese wrestler’s second in the Gabian arena after his first duel against Rambo of Bakau.

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