By Ndey Sowe 

The Gambia Red Cross society, Banjul branch celebrated its 19th annual youth gathering, on the 15 December, 2018, at the Gambia Senior Secondary School.

It is an annual celebration where young people showcase their talents such as miss and masters, singing competition, drama just to name a few. This is done in order for young participants to come up with significant platforms to create awareness and education.

This year’s theme of celebration is: youth unemployment and irregular migration; challenges to attaining the Gambia national development goal; effect of youth unemployment and irregular migration, your health our concern, the importance of voluntarism (changing minds changing lives).

In his welcome remarks, Alagie Jah, representative of BCC said Banjul Red Cross is a key partner of BCC. He added that they are aware of the outstanding work that the branch is doing in the city; the commitment, support, and services given to youth and children of the Gambia.

He assured them that the council is ready to work with the branch for the betterment and improvement of the city’s health sector.

Assan Senghore, the Secretary General, Gambia Red Cross harps on the theme for this year and said that it is very important for youths, especially Red Cross volunteers to take measures on irregular migration and other risky journeys.

He added that irregular migration leads to destruction and losses of lives, properties, money among others. He said it is a great pleasure for him to talk on the theme. He said he was a member of the Red Cross for many years back, which he said made him aware and be committed. 

“It is my obligation and duty to give back to you, interact and ideas on challenges affecting the lives of youth and all other persons included”, he said.

He opined that partnership is very important because youths cannot do it alone and have to work with others in order to come up with recommendations for the better development of the Gambia.

“We have to partner with other institutions like the private sector, NGOs and others to develop themselves and the Gambia,” said Senghore.

He applauded the branch for their excellent job, commitment, determination, and support. He went on to thank BCC for their time and honouring their invitation to celebrate this historic and important day. Muhammed. B Jallow, the chairperson of the Banjul branch deliberated on the activities and work plan.

He said during this period under review, they did the following: Review of plan of action 2018, GRCS financial system and the way forward.

“The Banjul red cross branch was represented by Omar Sidi Ndow as branch officer to take the responsibilities of all the affairs of the branch and volunteers “, he noted. Jallow said the Banjul Red Cross has over the years been conducting tours in all the schools in Banjul, and which he said was to familiarize themselves with school authorities and volunteers, recruit new volunteers in order to discuss issues of common interest. He urged volunteers to attend the weekly meeting by the central and community links to discuss issues such as trainings, lectures, socialization, community development to name just a few.

He advised youth especially Red Cross volunteers to be committed, disciplined and determined.

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