By Makutu Manneh
Joseph Dalliah, a Gambian Chess player, has alleged unjust treatment by the Gambia Chess Federation even after the end of his suspension.
Dalliah said he was suspended from 2014 to 2018 which he said has elapsed, but that the Federation would still not allow him to participate in their events. He produced a letter indicating this.
“The federation president takes personal interest before national interest,” he alleged.
On Saturday 7th September 2019, the Chess Federation held an Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Alliance Franco, where Dalliah said he was denied entry to the conference room.
He said he was able to enter the hall because some of his club friends talked to the federation president and he was eventually allowed in but without registering. He added that he was later refunded his transport fares which he said was a sign of improvement, but that there is room for this to further improve.
On the indiscipline that the federation president is talking about, Dalliah said this is because he has always insisted on transparency and accountability within the Federation.
Amadou Jallow president of the Chess Federation denied Dalliah’s allegations. According to him, Dalliah’s allegations are incorrect, saying that he was suspended by the Federation for some reasons which Dalliah refused to accept.

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