Veteran Bakau political activist Dudu Kassa Jaata has called for sanity in Gambian politics, which he described as pushing the country to the brink of a possible collapse.
Kassa, a former UDP staunch supporter who switched to GDC shortly before the historic Decmebr 2016 election, told The Standard that the current trading of insults on social media often targeting tribes and personalities is dangerous to the peace and stability of The Gambia and they are only coming from people who are political novices.
“I think it should worry political leaders from all sides who must train their militants and supporters to preach only peace when they stand on political platforms. This trend is not a good omen for lasting peace. It should be stopped now,” he said.
Mr Jaata also addressed the powers that be, saying President Barrow’s advisers should always be motivated by the country’s interest and give advice that will serve the interest of all.
“They must help the President deal with national issues without bias”, he said.
He revealed that some of the criticisms against the president especially the most recent on foreign travels are little stretched beyond reason. ”Look, Barrow secured over 300 scholarships and over 2 billion dalasi in infrastructure support from China, another 500M dollars from Saudi Arabia in infrastructure support through the OIC, more scholarships for both civilians and military officials in Nigeria to name just a few. Are all these beneficial to the country?” he asked.
Mr Jaata further said the Minister of Trade should take urgent action to address the rising cost of essential commodities. ”If as it is said tax is removed on these essential items why are they still expensive? ” he said.

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