By Sulayman Bah

Gambia’s domestic premier league is due to go professional in the words of the country’s football body.

In an attempt at overhauling the setup, the professionalization of the league will follow in two years, precisely in the 2020/2021 season and under the control of a body independent of outside influence as is the norm in advanced countries.

Also, top flight sides will be accorded to register a total 30 players in the first round of the league with changes, if any, allowed of only seven players which is approved only after seven are de-registered from the initial submitted season player-roster.

Points were also made of issues with player contracts with the new rule insisting contract copies of player be made available to the FA failure of which will mean the contract being disregarded.

Each club registering players must provide their Date of Birth failure of which that registration will be deemed invalid and the clubs must also provide the previous club details of all players’

If found that clubs falsify players’ information and there’s a protest to that effect then the guilty team would forfeit their points from that match.

Henceforth, no need to fill match forms but rather the names of the whole squad would be provided by the GFF for each match and the clubs would only be required to tick those that’d be involved for a particular match,’ the FA said in snippets of statements on its social media handle.

League champions Gamtel FC and FA Cup Winners Armed Forces will be D250,000 richer as sums doled out to them in preparation for their respective Caf Club competitions.


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