A number of league clubs in the Gambia Football Federation league and other concerned stakeholders have alleged that they have not been paid monies promised to them by the GFF as preparatory monies as well as arrears from the last league.
The complainants made these allegations in a heated debate online.
Many accused the GFF of not keeping its promise and neglecting clubs’ interest and welfare.

‘The GFF should stop undertaking unnecessary expensive trips abroad when the foundations of the football, the league clubs are left to fend for themselves,’ ‘one commentator charged.

The Standard contacted Bakary Jammeh first vice president of the GFF who explained his office’s position on the matter: “All clubs that provided GFF with their account details in line with the new Fifa rules are duly paid all arrears. Preparatory monies and transport refunds are paid in the 3rd quarter of the league. Cheques can no longer be issued as per Fifa Forward Rules and all clubs were told about this even at the AGM”.

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