The Gambia Moral Congress distance itself from the decision to extend President Barrow’s mandate to five years.

GMC has in a press release issued on Thursday, made its stance clear on the Coalition 2016 Chairperson’s recent pronouncement to extend the mandate of President Barrow to five years.

Earlier on PDOIS issued a statement seeking clarification on the purported signed amended document for the extension of the President’s mandate while UDP made its stance clear that they were not a party to the recent decision.

The GMC party stated that Madam Tambajang’s pronouncement did not reflect their party’s position. “GMC as a party was never consulted about the visit to State House, nor does it give its blessing to an extension of the president’s mandate. Major and important decisions like that can only be approved by GMC national Congress,” a press release from the party stated.

It could be recall that Madam Tambajang led a delegation to statehouse where she told the press that the Coalition has given President Adama what she described as ‘social legitimacy’ to complete his five-year mandate as stipulated in the Constitution of the Gambia.

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