The Gambia Tourism Board and the Ministry of Health have developed an interim measures for all hotels, restaurants and tour operators to implement as part of the country’s preparedness to prevent the coronavirus which has not yet affected The Gambia.

A statement from the GTBoard stated that henceforth all hotel and other tourism sector operators must provide hand sanitizers, tissue dispensers, cover dustbins in all entrances and ensure all persons accessing the hotel disinfect their hands before entering and leaving. The statement urged all hotels and restaurants to let their security guards be aware of these measures and enforce them fully.

It also demands that all hotels and restaurants display posters on proper hand hygiene in all public space; All staff shall be provided with appropriate disinfectant (disposable alcohol swabs) to enable them regularly disinfect tables, keyboards, chairs etc., all staff and guests with flu-like symptoms must go under self-isolation and the Ministry of Health must be contacted for advice and Guidance on Call Toll Free 1025.

The statement said in the event of isolation (self or imposed) cleaning must be done under the supervision of health and safety officers only. The Ministry of Health in collaboration with the GT Board and Gambia Hotel Association will conduct sensitizations in all hotels in the coming days.

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