The abandoned police station in Gunjur

By Hatab Nyang

The Police Station in Gunjur has been relocated for the first time in history to Seefo for security reasons.

The relocation of the facility came in the wake of the violent disturbances between residents of Gunjur and Berending which left one person dead.

It all started on 18th March 2019 after a native of Gunjur was shot death by an alleged native of Berending.

A day after the incident, the Inspector General of Police Mamour Jobe came to Gunuur Police Station. Upon his arrival at the station, an angry crowd voiced out their anger against the Police Chief. Shortly after this, the angry mob started to pelt his car with stones thereby forcing him to move away from the scene.

Gunjur police station which came under attack from the residents of the area is now in a state of mess as the windows, doors and cupboards have all been broken. Even the Station Officer’s office and the cells have not been spared by the mob.

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