By Nelson Manneh

The Chief Election Officer (CEO) of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), Mr. Sambujang Njie has confirmed to this medium that the last political party registered by the IEC was the Gambia Action Party (GAP).

Mr. Njie made this statement yesterday, the 17th July 2019, in an interview with this reporter in his office at the Election House in Kanifing.

The CEO of the Independent Electoral Commission said sometime in the month of January 2019, the Gambia Action Party (GAP) was registered legally by the IEC and it was the last party registered so far.

“After the registration of the GAP political party, we have not registered any other party again. We always hear rumours that there are other political parties registered, but I can confirm to you that there is no party registered so far. Some parties have submitted their application forms and we are verifying them, but they are not yet registered,” he said.

Mr. Njie said they have the application forms online on their page and people can have access to the forms free of charge, but when any form is filled, the applicant has to submit it to the Election House in Kanifing where it has to go through all legal verifications before it will be registered and announced as a political party.

The Chairman of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) Mr Momar Njai also confirmed to Foroyaa that there are ten political parties legally registered and one of them is suspended, that the one suspended is the National Convention Party (NCP).

“We have registered 10 political parties and one is suspended. The last political party to be registered is the Gambia Action Party (GAP),” he said.

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