By Baba Sillah

Prince Ebrahim Sanyang of Royal Africa holdings yesterday explained to the Janneh Commission how he was ordered under executive directive to pay the sum of D10 million or risk going to jail.
Mr Sanyang further claimed he had to sign for the said money to be withdrawn from his account at the Central Bank.
According to him, they told him the said money was in connection with the supply of commodities to AMRC, but he claimed that the corporation also owed him US$14 million, which the corporation failed to honour insisting that he never signed any loan agreement with the corporation.
Mr Sanyang further claimed that he was not aware that the property he claimed to be his property was in the name of Ansumana Jammeh.

According to Sanyang, his cars were impounded by the then NIA for a period of time and there was also an executive order to arrest all the occupants in one of his companies.
Mr Sanyang further testified that he did not make any claim against Ansumana Jammeh on the basis that he entrusted Mr Jammeh his properties with the hope that he would not do anything that would be detrimental to his properties.

However, he confirmed that Ansumana Jammeh was his childhood friend and he has been helping him whenever the need arose, noting that there was no advantage for Mr Jammeh being a shareholder in his company.
He finally refuted the claims that he was a close associate of the exiled former president, claiming that he has no association with Jammeh at all.
Sittings continue today.

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