By AmadouJadama

A former APRC Bakau Sanchaba chairman and regional youth adviser has made a swift reply to the party’s deputy leader Rambo Jatta, who on Tuesday said Jammeh will be the party’s candidate in the 2021 election.

Speaking to The Standard yesterday, Basirou Gassama said he was very disappointed to have read Rambo’s comments which he said are in itself traumatising to the Gambia who have suffered a great deal under Jammeh.
Gassama said the disturbing revelations coming out from the TRRC are enough to bleed hearts.

“An APRC government will never happen in this country again because Gambians have put that dark history in the past including honest APRC supporters who in fact feltguilty after knowing his excesses,” Gassama said.

He added that those who are agitating for Jammeh to come back to country in reality don’t like him.’”They are either working for their pockets or they lack human feelings. His regime has made all Gambians a victim one way or the other,” Gassama said.

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